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Control Writer will be the main scriptwriter of the new Fable

Anna Megill to join Playground Games next year

Fable will return after years of absence thanks to Playground Games, a studio known for its work on the Forza Horizon series. Everything indicates that the new installment of the saga will take a long time to arrive, but we know that a team of important creatives are already working on it.

It was recently confirmed that veterans from BioWare, Rockstar, Gearbox and more studios are already part of the project. Now, we know that a top creative who worked on Control, Remedy’s latest game, will join the development of Fable.

We’re referring to Anna Megill, who announced that she will be joining Playground Games next year. The writer talked about her passion for Fable and what she hopes for the new project.

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The new Fable already has a main writer

Megill revealed that she will be joining Playground Games in 2021 as the lead writer for Fable. The creative said that the franchise is very important to her, since her first installment came out when she began her path in game development.

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