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Coronaviruses Detected in Ecuadorian Shrimp Packages: China Suspends Imports

Three Ecuadorian companies have been affected after the announcement by China, in which it reported the cessation of shrimp imports, when traces of coronavirus were found in some packages with the product.

The Asian trading giant’s decision comes in order to prevent the spread of the virus in the country through the handling of frozen white shrimp packages.

“In order to eliminate hidden dangers and protect people’s health, we announced the suspension of the necessary requirements for the registration of these companies in China, and the acceptance of their products is suspended,” says part of the statement released to the media. Communication.

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The General Administration of Customs reported that the tests carried out on packages of the three companies operating in the country: Industrial Pesquera Santa Priscila, Empacreci and Edpacif; they were positive, and it is possible that through these the virus is transmitted.

Likewise, the agency demanded that Ecuadorian companies immediately withdraw all their frozen products produced since March 12 and that they be destroyed or returned to the country of origin.

Although the institution recognized that only packaging was positive, while packaging and shrimp were negative.

Another aspect considered by Chinese officials is that companies do not fully comply with the food safety protocol.

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This is not the first time that the shrimp trade between the two nations has been affected. In September 2019 it also happened after an outbreak of “white spot”.

China’s decision at the time affected five Ecuadorian companies, alleging the presence of two viruses, “the white spot” and the “yellow head.”

The Asian country is the first destination for this item, which during the first quarter of last year generated nearly 900 million dollars

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