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Covid-19: Miami residents break out of confinement and head to the beach

Images shared by the Daily Mail show that some Americans took advantage of Sunday to sunbathe.

According to Images shared by the Daily Mail,  Hundreds of residents of Miami have stuck quarantine rules to enjoy the sunny Sunday in the state of Florida.

According to what can be seen, many left the security of their homes to sunbathe or stroll.

In some images, people ‘huddled’ follow on the streets, breaking the rules imposed by the local government, according to what is reported, the government still has no plan to reopen the beaches.

Knowing the measures taken by the authorities along the great beaches, the inhabitants of this region have opted for ‘less-known’ places.

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Many locals, boat owners, also chose to take advantage of the day to travel in groups.

Remember that Florida has 25,996 confirmed cases of new coronavirus and already accounts for more than 750 deaths from Covid -19 infection.

Check out the images in the Daily Mail report.

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