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COVID-19: Nearly 270,000 dead and more than 3.8 million infected worldwide

According to the data collected by the French news agency, at least 269,514 people died and there are 3.8564 million infected in 195 countries and territories since the epidemic began in December 2019 in the Chinese city of Wuhan.

The AFP warns that the number of cases diagnosed reflects just a fraction of the real total of infections since a large number of countries are testing only cases requiring hospital treatment. Among these cases, at least 1,256,900 were considered cured.

The United States, which recorded the first death linked to covid -19 in early February, is the country most affected in terms of the number of deaths and cases, with 75,670 deaths in 1,256,972 cases.

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At least 195,036 people have been declared cured by the United States authorities.

After the United States, the countries most affected are the United Kingdom, with 30,615 deaths in 206,715 cases, Italy with 29,958 deaths (215,858 cases), Spain with 26,299 deaths (222,857 cases) and France with 25,987 deaths (174,791 cases).

China (excluding the territories of Hong Kong and Macau), where the epidemic began in late December, accounted for 82,886 cases (a new one between Thursday and today), including 4,633 deaths (none new) and 77,993 cured.

Europe totaled 152,233 deaths in 1,670,289 cases, United States and Canada 80,154 deaths (1,321,788 cases), Latin America and the Caribbean 17,484 deaths (322,297 cases), Asia 10,044 deaths (271,813 cases), Middle East 7,396 deaths (207,893 cases ) Africa 2,078 deaths (54,077 cases).

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This assessment was carried out with data collected by AFP from health authorities and information from the World Health Organization ( WHO ).

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