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What does it mean to dream of Crocodiles?

Dreaming of crocodiles can have several meanings and above all, it can have to do with problems with your character, as well as with self-esteem or other mental issues.

The crocodiles were gods in Egyptian mythology, therefore they were worshiped. In addition, his appearance instilled fear, so that he was a respected being and reason for hieroglyphic representations to indicate the tyranny of the authorities. But what does it mean to dream of crocodiles?

For their part, the pre-Columbian Aztecs represented them as highly respected great marine beings, and in other cultures they were considered as guardians or owners of the waters. On the real plane, these large prehistoric reptiles look like Jurassic animals.

Meaning of dreaming about crocodiles

There are around thirty varieties of crocodiles, both freshwater and saltwater, distributed in different parts of the world. However, due to their uncontrolled hunting, many of these species are in danger of extinction.

Within the dream world, crocodiles symbolize tranquility, prudence and righteousness. Therefore, if they appear in your dreams, it is because your subconscious has something to tell you about your character or your way of relating to others.

It may also be showing you your way of proceeding in certain situations or in the face of a specific event. Dreaming of crocodiles can also reveal aspects of your self-esteem and your health , but everything will depend on the dream. Let’s see the meaning of dreaming of crocodiles according to different situations.

1. What does it mean to dream of crocodiles chasing you

If a crocodile chases you in dreams, it can be interpreted as tiredness . You may not be sleeping well and this makes you vulnerable to health problems. Your body is asking you to rest, because at night you do not sleep well due to bad posture.

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2. Hunt crocodiles

This dream refers to your current state of mind . It is likely that you enjoy full happiness for having achieved some achievement. You have achieved success and you feel successful, hence that feeling of inner peace and serenity.

3. Fight with crocodiles

If in your dreams you fight with crocodiles, surely you are in a conflict situation. Some unpleasant event may be coming and you have to make a great effort to avoid being harmed. If you defeat the crocodile in your dream, you will emerge triumphant from the conflict. On the other hand, if the crocodile wins the battle, the problem will envelop you so much that it will cost you to get out.

4. Meaning of dreaming of crocodiles biting you

Dreaming that you are bitten by crocodiles represents your fears. You may feel afraid of some circumstance or the outcome of a situation. You have been prone to think negatively and blame yourself, or you may be assuming that others want to attack you.

Do not anticipate what is to come and transform your energy into positive so that everything goes well.

Dream of more than one crocodile

Dreaming of several crocodiles symbolizes that you are in danger . They may be due to factors external to you, or they could be found within you. However, it may also be indicating that someone has betrayed you or is not fair to you.

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6. Bathing among crocodiles

The meaning of dreaming of crocodiles taking a bath reveals your agility to face adverse situations. In your life you move as among crocodiles, so you must exercise the same caution and act with caution. Do not be too trusting, so everything you undertake will come to fruition, and strengthen ties only with those people who bring you good things.

7. Walk on crocodiles

This dream represents your insecurities in the world of work . Perhaps you do not feel comfortable in your work or its conditions do not favor you. Better reorganize your ideas to strengthen your confidence in yourself and achieve what you have proposed.

8. Dreaming that you caress crocodiles

If you pet a crocodile in dreams it will be a reflection of your abilities to lead and dominate situations. You are very confident in yourself and act with clear conviction when making a decision. You may be in control of a tricky situation and feel like you are petting a dangerous creature.

9. What does it mean to dream of red-eyed crocodiles

Dreaming of red-eyed crocodiles represents anger . You may suffer or loom in situations with serious communication problems or feel fear of rejection. This creates distress, annoyance, irritation, and discouragement. Try to analyze the situation to identify why others are excluding you, as you may be radiating that anger negatively on your relationships.

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10. Crying crocodiles

Crocodile tears are produced to keep their eyes lubricated and are generally shed when they eat their prey. This means that no cry for pity, hence the expression s crocodile tears and use to refer to the hypocritical or dishonest people. If you dream of a crying crocodile, beware of phonies, they could end up causing you harm.

11. A domesticated crocodile

A domesticated crocodile represents control of a difficult situation in which you are involved. However, although it seems that the circumstances are not entirely favorable, this dream augurs a handling of the matter in an ideal way.

12. Dreaming of crocodile skin items

Crocodile skin wallets, jackets, bags, shoes … These objects symbolize that you have the disposition and determination necessary to achieve your goals. You have the key to success at your fingertips.

13. Feed a crocodile

The meaning of dreaming of crocodiles feeding them can indicate that you are radiating too much arrogance, so that others could see you as a conceited person. Do not confuse your good qualities and self-esteem with vanity, take only the positive out of yourself to do good and do not get carried away by excessive confidence in yourself, or you could hurt others with your actions and comments.

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