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Crunchyroll Announces New Licenses for Upcoming Animation Projects

During the Virtual Crunchyroll Expo 2021 event, the Crunchyroll platform announced new streaming licenses for animation projects that will soon premiere in Japan. It should be noted that none of the visuals or promotional videos are new, rather they were only subtitled for presentation in the West.

Muv-Luv Alternative: The Animation

Premiere: Scheduled for the Fall-2021 season (October-December).
Synopsis: A story about the bonds of those who fight in a world that is on the edge. In one of the countless parallel worlds that exist throughout all of space-time, humanity has spent decades fighting the BETA, hostile and invading aliens, using humanoid fighting machines called Tactical Surface Fighters. This is the story of how humanity lives and dies on the brink of extinction.

Saihate no Paladin (The Faraway Paladin)

Premiere: Unconfirmed.
Synopsis: In the ruined city of the dead, far removed from human civilization, lives a unique human child named Will. The child has been raised by three undead: Blood the heroic skeleton warrior, the mummy priestess Mary, and the ghost wizard Gus. The three teach the child everything they know and fill him with love. One day the boy begins to wonder who he is. Will will discover the mysteries of the undead hidden in these distant lands. He will know the love and mercy of the good gods, as well as the madness and paranoia of the evil gods. And when he learns it all, the boy will embark on a journey to become a paladin.

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Shikkakumon no Saikyou Kenja (The Strongest Sage with the Weakest Crest)

Premiere: Scheduled for the Winter-2022 season (January-March).
Synopsis: Although his strength is limited by the magical emblem with which he was born, Mathias is the most powerful sage in the world and decides that he will need to reincarnate to truly become the most powerful of all time. After being reborn as a child, Mathias is delighted to discover that the first time he has been lucky enough to be born with the most powerful emblem for magical combat. Unfortunately, the world he was born into has horrible standards when it comes to magic and everyone thinks he is destined for failure. Now Mathias must prove that everyone is wrong in the style of the most powerful sage in the world!

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Gaikotsu Kishi-sama, Tadaima Isekai e Odekakechuu (Skeleton Knight in Another World)

Premiere: Unconfirmed.
Synopsis: When Arc awakens, he discovers that he has been transported to another world in the body of the character he was playing with in an MMO. Although on the outside it looks like full armor, inside there is only a skeleton, so it is the Skeleton Knight. If his identity were discovered, he would be mistaken for a monster and hunted down! For this very reason, Arc decides to live as a mercenary so as not to attract other people’s glances. However, he is not the type of man who can sit idly by when he sees injustices being done before his eyes. An otherworldly fantasy series about the Skeleton Knight’s unintentional mission to make the world a better place.

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Koroshi Ai (Love of Kill)

Release: Unconfirmed, 2022.
Synopsis: Two murderers come face to face in a certain workplace. On one side is Chateau, a bounty hunter, and on the other side is the mysterious and powerful Ryang-Ha. Chateau and Ryang-Ha will become enemies after this confrontation or so it should have been, but for some reason, Ryang-Ha ends up liking Chateau and dedicates himself to following her everywhere. Little by little Chateau begins to consider Ryang-Ha a partner, which causes both of them to become involved in the issue of various organizations hunting him down. And what’s more, it turns out that everything has to do with the girl’s past. Why did Ryang-Ha decide to accompany Chateau? What is the Chateau’s secret past? Two very different killers united in a “killer against killer” thriller. The mysterious gears of destiny begin to move.

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