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Crunchyroll Announces SPY x FAMILY, Kakkou no Iinazuke, and Others as Upcoming Licenses

During the event Anime NYC, the platform Crunchyroll revealed the distribution licenses it has obtained so far for next year. It should be noted that the fact that Crunchyroll Announcing them first does not mean that they are exclusive to the platform, as previously a series has been licensed by more than one platform. For this article, only the titles and synopses of the announced projects will be cited.

SPY x FAMILY (2022)

Synopsis: «Everyone has a part of themselves that they cannot show to anyone else. At a time when all the nations of the world are embroiled in a fierce information war that takes place behind closed doors, Ostania and Westalis have been in a state of cold war with each other for decades. The Westalis East-focused Intelligence Services Division (WISE) sends its most talented spy, “Twilight,” on a top-secret mission to investigate the movements of Donovan Desmond, the chairman of the National Unity Party of the United States. Ostania, which is threatening peace efforts between the two nations. This mission is known as “Operation Strix.” It consists of “gathering a family in a week to infiltrate the social gatherings organized by the elite school that Desmond’s son attends.” “Twilight” adopts the identity of the psychiatrist Loid Forger and begins to search for his family members. But Anya, the daughter he adopts, turns out to have the ability to read people’s minds, while his wife, Yor, is a murderer. Since each is interested in keeping these facts hidden, they begin to live together while hiding their true identities from each other. World peace is now in the hands of this brand new family, who embark on an adventure full of surprises».

Tomodachi Game (Spring-2022, April)

Synopsis: «High school student Katagiri Yuichi, who values ​​friendship above all else, enjoys a fulfilling life with his close friends Sawagiri Shiho, Mikasa Tenji, Shibe Makoto, and Kokorogi Yutori. However, after a particular incident, they are drawn into a debt settlement game. The only way to overcome the “Tomodachi Game” is not to doubt your friends. United by a solid friendship, the game should be easy, but… The hugely popular comic that has sold more than two million copies is finally becoming an anime! Will they trust or betray their precious friends? The true nature of humanity is exposed in the ultimate psychological game!».

Kawaii dake ja Nai Shikimori-san (Shikimori’s Not Just a Cutie) (Spring-2022, April)

Synopsis: «The Latest “Heartbreaker Girlfriend” Appears! High school student Izumi’s girlfriend is his classmate Shikimori. She has a beautiful smile and a kind personality and she always seems happy when she is with Izumi. She is a pretty, friendly and loving girlfriend, but when Izumi is in trouble… she transforms into a super cool “heartthrob girlfriend”! The funny lives of the cute and cool Shikimori, Izumi and their good friends are endless! This 1000% gorgeous romantic comedy starts now!».

Mahoutsukai Reimeiki (The Dawn of the Witch) (Spring-2022, April)

Synopsis: «I do not remember. Who I am? That I am? Seville is a student of a magic academy who does not remember anything from before entering the school. Not understanding why he is there, his time at the academy feels hollow and empty. And since he doesn’t know how to make an effort, his grades are always the lowest in his course. Then one day, the school’s principal, Albus, orders Sevilla to take part in dangerous special training. “I want you to spread the use of magic in an area where they hunt witches.” Only a few years have passed since the war between the Church and the witches came to an end; the world has not yet fully accepted witches and their magic. We are at the dawn of the age of witches. This is the story of how a young man, a boy who is no one in particular, and his companions, all of them with heart wounds, set off and end up finding themselves».


Dance Dance Danseur (No release date announced)

Synopsis: «Noble Danseur – A ballet dancer qualified to dance the role of the prince. Second-year high school student Murao Junpei was fascinated by ballet as a child, but stopped dancing after his father’s death as he had to become a man. However, one day a beautiful transfer student named Godai Miyako appears before him. Miyako notices Junpei’s love of ballet and invites him to dance with her. Together with Miyako’s cousin Mori Ruou, he begins his career as a full-fledged ballet dancer, with the goal of becoming the best dancer in the world – the Noble Danseur! Only those who have sacrificed everything can access the beautiful and harsh world of classical ballet. What will be the fate of a total beginner like Junpei? The first television anime adaptation of popular manga artist Asakura George is the story of the passionate adolescence of a group of ballet dancers, made by MAPPA (production) and Sakai Munehisa (director)!».


Kakkou no Iinazuke (A Couple of Cuckoos) (2022)

Synopsis: «Mixed with another family’s son as a baby, high school student Umino Nagi finally meets his biological parents. On the day of his meeting, he runs into Amano Erika, a high school student at a prestigious and wealthy girls’ college. At her request, he is half forced to impersonate her boyfriend to prevent her from marrying her fiancé… .. However, not only were the babies who had gotten confused, they were also engaged to each other! The loving parents of both families officially acknowledge their commitment, and the couple begins to live together. Nagi has a crush on her classmate Segawa Hiro, and Erika is determined to rebel against her father, so the pair agree not to relate to each other. The confusing and chaotic romantic comedy begins now!».


Ao Ashi (Spring-2022, April)

Synopsis: «“I will take you to the world.” Ashito Aoi is a high school student living in Ehime, and the ace of a minor soccer club. On the day they lose their final middle school tournament, Ashito runs across the ocean in frustration, before running into a man who had been watching their match. That man is Tatsuya Fukuda, the coach of the junior high school team of a major J-League team, “Tokyo City Esperion FC”. Sensing immense potential in Ashito’s yet to be honed abilities, he describes his ambition. “I want to build a team and use it to conquer the world. Our club is not going to be a milestone for players facing the world. Our club is going to be the world. And for this to happen, I’m going to need some ‘aces’ to train ”. After hearing Fukuda’s offer, Ashito decides to head to Tokyo and try out for his team── Aoashi is considered to be the vanguard of soccer manga, and now he will finally have an anime adaptation for television! Loss, growth and friendship: everything in youth is here!».


Source: Crunchyroll

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