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CSGO pro disgusted after being sent bag of “poop” from fan

A CSGO pro actually had a bag full of what could be dirt, poop, or both, along with advice to improve his play, mailed to him by a fan.

Swedish CSGO player Alfred ‘RuStY’ Karlsson may have received some of the strangest fan mail we’ve ever seen — a literal bag of what we hope is dirt.

RuStY currently plays for Team GamerLegion, and on November 14, posted his recent delivery on Twitter.

“I might have just gotten a bag of poop/disgusting dirt mailed home to me,” the pro wrote.

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Indeed, looking at the contents of the bag, it could indeed just be some gross dirt or something even fouler. Either way, we can’t blame RuStY for not taking a closer look.

Along with the picture, he also provided a translation to the attached note: “Hello affe, hope u can enjoy this lovely cookie, and don’t forget to buy kev (kevlar) next pistol round.”


The veteran CSGO player won’t forget this “gift” anytime soon.

We don’t think anyone except an earthworm would enjoy the contents of this package, though the GamerLegion IGL probably won’t be forgetting this advice anytime soon.

It might have even had some effect too since Team GamerLegion came second in the very next tournament after RuStY got this disgusting mystery package.

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