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Danganronpa team announces Enigma Archives: Rain Code video game

The developer company Spike Chunsoft and the creative team behind the multimedia franchise of Danganronpa, Too Kyo Games, announced the development of a new project entitled Enigma Archives: Rain Code (Chou Tantei Jikenbo Rain Code). The announcement was revealed during the anniversary event “Danganronpa 10th Anniversary Event: Ultimate Class Reunion“.

The new project brings together the core development team of Danganronpa, which includes the stage scriptwriter Kazutaka Kodaka, to the composer Masafumi Takada and the designer Rui komatsuzaki. The staff did not reveal the details of this upcoming title, such as its platforms or the scheduled release date, but did reveal some screenshots of the video game. Kodaka noted in an interview with Famitsu: «I think this will be a mystery adventure video game that has never been seen before».

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