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Danganronpa Team’s Upcoming Anime Tribe Nine Reveals New Trailers

On the official site for the new multimedia project of Akatsuki and Too Kyo Games, Tribe nine, two new promotional videos were revealed, which are actually the opening and closing sequences of the anime adaptation. The opening sequence features the theme “Strike it out” interpreted by MIYAVI, while the closing sequence has the theme “Infocus“, interpreted by Void_Chord feat. MESS.

The anime adaptation has its premiere scheduled for the month of January 2022 in Japan, for its part, the project was announced since February 2020 with multiple original members of the franchise production of Danganronpa. The project also includes a webtoon and a role-playing video game for smartphones.

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Production team

  • Yuu aoki is in charge of the direction of the anime in the studios LIDEN FILMS, with Funimation participating in the production of the project.
  • Michiko Yokote is in charge of writing and supervising the scripts.
  • Yosuke yabumoto is responsible for adapting the original character designs of Rui komatsuzaki (Danganronpa) and Shimadoriru, to animation.
  • Masafumi Takada (Danganronpa) is in charge of the composition of the soundtrack with the production of Lantis.
  • Kazutaka Kodaka (Danganronpa) the original story of this project is credited.

Tribe Nine Synopsis

Haru Shirogane is a weak-minded person who is constantly bullied, while Taiga has traveled from across the sea in hopes of becoming the strongest man in the world. One night, the two meet up with Shun Kamiya, the strongest XB (Extreme Baseball) player, and leader of the Minato Tribe. When they meet, each of the tribes scattered across Neo-Tokyo is about to face a great threat. Under the orders of the King of Neo-Tokyo, “Houtenshin”, the Chiyoda Try, led by the mysterious Ojiro Otori, has begun to take control of all the tribes of the country. Its evil claws are about to reach the Minato Tribe …

Source: Comic Natalie

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