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Daria Nicolodi, face of the giallo and screenwriter of ‘Suspiria’ dies

The actress, director Dario Argento's partner, was 70 years old

Italian actress Daria Nicolodi, known for her roles in giallo classics like Dark Red, has died in Rome at the age of 70. The death has been announced on Instagram by her daughter, also actress Asia Argento.

“Rest in peace, adored mother”, begins a message in which Argento does not give details about the death of Nicolodi (born in Florence in 1950) but he does affirm that he is happy that she does not suffer more.

After making his film debut in 1970 with Men Against War and having a run-in with the RAI censors that same year (his episodes for the Babau variety show were not broadcast until six years later), Nicolodi had a career discreet in film and TV until 1974. That was the year in which she met the filmmaker Dario Argento, who would be her sentimental and creative partner.

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The Nicolodi-Argento tandem premiered in 1975 with Dark Red, one of the great heights of Italian intrigue cinema. An anecdote about a witch-run dance academy, which Nicolodi claimed to have heard from her grandmother, gave the actress the pretext to write the script for another classic. We are talking about Suspiria (1977), Argento’s masterpiece as a director and one of the best horror films of all time.

During the decades that followed, Daria Nicolodi alternated films and series of a more conventional tone with new works as an actress under Argento, from whom she parted ways in 1985. The first of these collaborations also enjoy classic status, such as Inferno (a sequel to Suspiria released in 1980), Tenebre (1982) and Phenomena (1985), while later works such as Terror at the Opera (1987) and The Mother of Evil (2007) rank much lower in the appreciation of experts.

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In 1994, Nicolodi had to suffer the hardest blow of her life with the death of her daughter Anna, the result of her relationship with the sculptor Mario Ceroli.

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