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Darwin’s Game anime coming to Netflix in August

The Netflix platform listed that the animated adaptation of the manga written and illustrated by the creative group FLIPFLOPs, Darwin’s Game. The list includes all eleven episodes originally aired in Japan in January 2020.

FLIPFLOPs began publishing the manga in Akita Shoten publisher’s Bessatsu Shonen Champion magazine since December 2012. The publisher published the twenty-first compilation volume in August 2020 followed by the twenty-second in December 2020, and the work exceeded recently the six million copies in circulation accumulated.
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The play inspired a twelve-episode anime adaptation produced by Nexus Studios, directed by Yoshinobu Tokimoto and scripts written by Hide Mimaya, released in January 2020. To date there is no indication of a second season.

Darwin’s Game Synopsis

Kaname Sudo is a high school boy whose life changes when he is forced to participate in “Darwin’s Game”, a mobile application that hides a ruthless competition in which its participants must fight to the death. Although Kaname tries to escape, he soon learns that this will be useless because due to the rewards granted to the victors, the rest of the opponents are willing to track him down by any means.

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