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Daughter of trophy designer Vince Lombardi demands an apology from Tom Brady

The quarterback threw the trophy from yacht to yacht during the Tampa Bay celebration for the victory in the NFL Super Bowl, something that generated great controversy.

Tom Brady’s launch of the Vince Lombardi trophy from the yacht to the yacht during the Tampa Bay Buccaneers’ celebration of winning the Super Bowl LV caused great annoyance to the daughter of the person who designed it, she demands an apology from the legend. Under the argument that she knows first-hand the passion that Greg Grohs, master of the silver of the Tiffany and Company brand from 1967 to 1994 printed, his daughter, Lorraine, told Fox4 that the mistreatment of the award is a lack of respect for who worked on its development.

“It just annoyed me that this trophy was disgraced and disrespected by being thrown like a real soccer ball,” she said. “Personally, I would like an apology, not just to myself, my family, and the other silversmiths, but to the fans, all the football fans, and the other players on the team,” added Lorraine.

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Groh commented that Tom Brady’s action bothered her so much that it caused her sleepless nights remembering all the effort her father put into detailing it. “I have seen this trophy made at Tiffany’s factory and it is a beautiful trophy. My father had to chisel out the seams by hand. The ball is made by hand and the base too, “she added.

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