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Diablo III: Twilight of Tristram will return very soon with rewards

Blizzard has already confirmed the dates for the return of the anniversary event

Diablo III is still in force despite the passing of the years and Blizzard is preparing something special to close 2020 with the entire game community. The game will once again celebrate its anniversary with The Twilight of Tristram, an upcoming event with attractive rewards.

In case you don’t know, this celebration is ideal not only for Diablo III players, as it is also aimed at the most veteran fans of the saga who are looking for a touch of nostalgia. This since The Twilight of Tristram includes various elements that are a tribute to the beginnings of the franchise.

When will Diablo III’s Twilight of Tristram begin?

This year’s event will kick off right in the last hours of 2020. Players will start encountering dangerous occultists in the game starting tomorrow at 6:00 PM Mexico City time.

Later, on January 3 at the same time, a mysterious portal will open that will start the most exciting part of The Twilight of Tristram. The event will run until January 31 at 6:00 PM, so you will have several weeks to collect your rewards.

As the name implies, the event will take you to Tristram, a key location in the franchise’s history. You’ll be able to explore a cathedral that will be familiar to many and battle ancient enemies, all with a filter that will give the game a retro look.


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