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Do you want your Xbox controller to include PS5 features

The company is asking users how satisfied they are with the new system

The next generation consoles, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X | S are already on the market and have gotten off to a very good start in their first few months. Something that has attracted attention is the DualSense control of the PlayStation 5, as it provides an additional gameplay experience and that can help to differentiate itself from the Xbox Series X | S console. Well, Microsoft wants to know if you would like these DualSense functions to come to the control of Xbox consoles.

There are already millions of users who have been able to enjoy the new Xbox Series X | S consoles, so Microsoft has decided to ask them their opinion about the system through surveys. According to information from TechRadar. In the survey, questions are read as if the user feels that the console is of high quality, if it is the fastest that he has used or if it feels like “next generation”.

Microsoft also asks the opinion of the users about the user interface of the console, but the most interesting thing is when it asks about the experience around the control of the Xbox Series X | S, because it asks users if they want what features of PlayStation controls are bundled with Xbox controls.

Microsoft wants to know if you are satisfied with the Xbox Series X | S

There is no explicit reference to the haptic functions and adaptive triggers, but it is evident, considering that it is one of the main functions that are only available in the DualSense, as well as the touch panel. Microsoft also asks its users how satisfied they are with the Share button that just debuted with the new Xbox Series X | S controllers and that Sony implemented it in the last generation in the DualShock 4.

As we mentioned, this type of survey is done by companies to know the opinion of users and see if there is interest in something before developing it. That said, it is not possible to know if Microsoft will implement similar DualSense functions in the Xbox Series X | S controller, but it is possible that it will, in case of receiving a positive response from its users. Let’s also take into account that after the launch of a console, companies usually start working on the design of hardware revisions or even new consoles, so these surveys would be very useful for Microsoft.


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