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Dog With Crooked Smile Is Just Looking For Someone To Love

Even though Zeke’s life hasn’t been easy, the young dog can’t help but smile.

And his unique, crooked grin has won the hearts of the staff at The NOAH Center in Stanwood, Washington.

Shelter dog with crooked face
The NOAH Center

“I cannot express how lovely he is,” Katrina Wedin, dog care coordinator with The NOAH Center, told The Dodo. “Zeke, beyond all else, is people-oriented and loves to have attention and interaction with people.”

“He now has a massive fan club at our shelter — staff and volunteers included,” she added. “He wants to be as close to you as possible. If you go into his suite at the shelter, the first thing he wants to do is lean and sit in your lap. Even though he’s a large dog, he does truly believe that he’s a lap dog.”

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Dog with crooked smile
The NOAH Center

Zeke first came to the shelter in January as a seven-month-old ball of energy. A vet examination determined that his twisted face was due to a birth defect, but the snaggletooth doesn’t bother him.

“He had to have some corrective dental surgeries,” Wedin said. “But it otherwise does not affect his day-to-day life in the slightest!”

The NOAH Center
The NOAH Center

So far, there has been little interest in Zeke, partially due to the fact that he will likely need some more surgeries as he ages to make sure that his deformity doesn’t bother him. But the sweet and loving dog is still holding out hope that the right adopter will come along and give him the care and attention he deserves.

“He is a lovely, goofy man who desperately wants to be loved and be loyal to a forever person,” Wedin said.

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While he waits, Zeke’s happy to run around, snuggle his caregivers and continue to smile his sweet, crooked smile.

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