Donate blood, it’s healthy!

One Pint can save 3 lifes!

One Pint of Blood can save 3 lives, Mr. Arif Ali

Mr. Arif Ali CEO of Help International Welfare Trust appeals to residents of Karachi to donate blood for Thalassemia kids. He mentions, “The blood need is only fulfilled when people step forward to donate blood for Thalassemia patients. But, unfortunately most of the donors do not give blood in Ramadan resulting in serious blood shortage afterwards every year.


The lives of the thalassemia kids are dependent on blood and we cannot let them die. One pint of blood can save 3 lives. Kindly step up and donate blood for our thal stars (because our patients are the stars of our lives). We shall be looking forward to see you on 06th of June 2021 to arrange blood for 250+ thalassemia kids.” Donating blood is not only life-saving for them, but also healthy for you. Be a life-saver!

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