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Doujinshi Comic Vket 1 virtual convention was a success

Tokyo-based company HIKKY announced that the Comic Vket 1 virtual event, held in a virtual space between August 13 and 16 this year, attracted a total of 104,546 visitors from around the world. 337 doujinshi circles and 60 companies participated in the four-day event to promote their latest work and products.

Comic Vket

In the “Akihabara Virtual” space, a virtual reality reproduction of the real Akihabara neighborhood, the participants were able to visit the event from their smartphone or PC, as well as from virtual reality devices for free and without waiting times. Visitors enjoyed new doujinshi work, limited edition merchandise, and interactions with other people. Products may be purchased via digital download or mail order.

Additionally, the 60 restaurants and e-shops that actually exist in Akihabara lined up in a row in the virtual space to hand out shopping coupons to visitors. Even in the current health situation due to the COVID-19 pandemic that makes it difficult for people to go out and visit the place, this virtual event provided an opportunity for stores to maintain contact with their customers.

Finally, thanks to the success of this event, a second edition entitled Comic Vket 2 has already been announced for early 2021.


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