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Drinking alcohol does not kill Covid-19: – WHO

The belief that drinking alcohol fights Covid-19 has already claimed some fatalities around the world. As such, the World Health Organization raises an alert.

At this time when the new coronavirus continues to claim fatalities worldwide, the World Health Organization recalls that “drinking alcohol does not kill the virus”. In fact, it even has the opposite effect.

In a statement issued this week, the world organization says that alcohol consumption weakens the immune system. As such, it encourages countries to limit their consumption during this time.

“In time of quarantine due to the pandemic of Covid -19, consumption of alcohol can make health worse.

At a time when deaths due to alcohol consumption have already been recorded with the belief that it would kill the virus, WHO has demystified the theories that “drinking kills Covid -19” or “makes people immune”.

” Alcohol consumption is associated with several types of illness and mental disorders, which can make the person more vulnerable to the new corona virus. More specifically, alcohol compromises the immune system and increases the risk of other complications. People should minimize alcohol consumption, especially during the pandemic. “


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