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Drone Captures Moment When a Huge White Shark Stalks Several Surfers in South Africa

What Happened?

Plettenberg Bay, near Cape Town in South Africa, is one of the favorite spots for surfers and water sports lovers. Now that coronavirus containment measures have been relaxed in some countries, many people have decided to go in search of big waves. However, this could pose serious danger.

Due to the lack of humans and tourism in the area, some sharks have been seen near the coasts.

One of these marine species was caught stalking several surfers, who had not realized what was happening. The images have gone around the world, and in them you can see how close the animal was to these people.

Huge Size

The white shark approached these people who enjoyed the tranquility of the sea and, in doing so, it can be seen the large size of this marine animal that was circling several times near these people.

When one of them can notice that the shark was very close, he warned the others and they immediately fled the area to stay safe.

‚ÄúNormally we use the drone to record images of nature, but I saw the shark and decided to follow it. When I realized how close I was to the surfers, I told my father to go warn them and get them out of the water, “said Zachary, the young man who recorded the images with the drone, in conversation with Mirror.

“My father was going to the place to warn them, but the shark was moving quite fast and when he approached the boards, my father had not yet arrived (…) It was terrifying to be there with the drone remote control watching the shark was approaching surfers. You don’t know what to do in that situation, so I decided to continue recording, “says Zachary.

Authorities Alert

After the video went viral on social media, the South African Maritime Rescue Service (NSRI) issued a warning to surfers about the dangers they can be exposed to if they swim in these waters where shark sightings have been made .

“The behavior that can be seen in the images shows that the shark was aware of the presence of the surfers and was investigating them. It is important for people to remember that white sharks are predators, and although their attacks are unusual, swimmers need to understand that there is a risk associated with sharing the ocean with these animals, “explains Sarah Waries, who It is part of the City of Cape Town (CoCT) Shark Spotters program.


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