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What does it mean to dream of Drowning?

Dream of drowning means that good news will come to your life.

Anyone who has ever dreamed of drowning knows how desperate they feel that they cannot save their life or someone else’s.

The pressure of the water on the body, the difficulty to rise to the surface and the time it is drained along with the air in the lungs.

In fact, breathing is our first vital impulse when we are born.

It is the primary signal that alerts mother and baby that life has finally truly begun.

It is the breath that dictates our rhythm, the one that is linked to our emotions and the one that keeps us alive.

For this reason, when dreaming of drowning, the body shakes, the muscles tense, the thoughts occur simultaneously almost like a carousel of images rotating at dizzying speed.

Dream that you are drowning

To dream that you are drowning is a good omen. The victories will come to you, rest assured.

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If you are in legal trouble, keep in mind that the case will be closed in your favor.

Dreaming that you are watching someone drown

Dreaming of someone drowning is a sign that you should be aware of your savings, since a person may try to harm you financially.

Try to see the face of the person who is drowning and pay attention to their next steps.

Dreaming of a child drowning

To dream of a child who is drowning represents that the innocence of the dreamer is at risk.

Try to relax and enjoy life more as only a child knows how. Don’t miss out on the docility and childish sweetness that we all bring with us.

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Dreaming of a baby drowning

When you dream of a drowning baby, notice that, unlike the child’s dream, you are using your maternal and sensitive instincts to care for someone who is dependent, fragile, and inferior to you.

Who could be that person in your life that needs help? This is the golden tip.

Dreaming of a family member who is drowning

If you dream of a relative who is drowning, try to remember what you might be doing to that person to bring him down.

If you are going through an unstable time in your relationship, this may be a good time to resolve issues amicably, as the issue could bring you both down.

Dreaming of a friend drowning

Dreaming of a friend who is drowning reveals that the same person is in trouble, but that, at the moment, you do not have the resources to help you.

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Try to be a bridge between your friend and someone who can be the savior. In this case, seek help for him.

If you are experiencing emotional or psychological problems, you can refer you to a trusted therapist, for example.

Dreaming that you are saving someone from drowning

To dream that you are saving someone from drowning shows that, in fact, you will receive great help from that same person when you are going through a difficult time.

Thank the people who come to you with an open heart.

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