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Eight out of ten investors believe that the price of bitcoin will rebound in the third quarter

The survey was carried out and published by Voyager Digital.

The price of bitcoin (BTC) and the rest of the cryptocurrencies have begun to recover this week, thanks to gestures of large companies and important investors in the market. However, the rally is also supported by increased small investor confidence. A recent survey carried out by Voyager Digital, shows that 8 out of 10 investors trust a new jump during the next months.

The exchange asked 3,671 investors who frequent its platform about their opinions regarding the future of the market, and the results were extremely encouraging. After BTC fell by more than 50% between April and May and amid the flight of speculators, 81% reaffirmed their confidence in the future of the market.

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In light of the optimism of small investors and the growing presence of digital assets in corporate trading strategies, the ecosystem expects that the third quarter of 2021 will bring BTC closer to its ATH again. In fact, 87% of those surveyed by Voyager confessed that they plan to make new investments in that period. .

On the deadlines and predictions, optimism comes in different variants. 39% believe that the price of BTC will end September between $ 56K and $ 70K, and 28%, that it will trade between USD 41K and 55K. The most optimistic, who believe that the leading cryptocurrency will start the last quarter of the year with highs above USD 70k, represent 18%?

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Among the reasons cited to justify their projections, more than 90% mentioned the eventual authorizations of the United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) for exchange-traded bitcoin funds (ETFs). ). If the body approves these products, the applicant companies will have to make million-dollar investments in the market to start their funds, and the price of BTC would enter a new escalation.

Lastly, Voyager Digital CEO Steve Ehrlich highlighted the fact that investors have viewed BTC’s latest correction (one of the largest in its history) as a buying opportunity and not a plunge into the abyss. “The facts that the vast majority of our large sample of investors are more confident in the future of cryptocurrency shows how people view May’s volatility in many crypto assets as a buying opportunity,” the businessman explained.

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