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Elon Musk Tweets “Free America Now”

The CEO of Tesla and SpaceX appears to support the idea of ​​opening businesses and ending the quarantine period.

The founder and CEO of companies such as Tesla and SpaceX, Elon Musk, seem to have thrown confusion among followers on Twitter, sharing a publication that called for the end of the quarantine period in the US which is due to the pandemic of Covid -19.

“Free America now,” can be read in Musk’s tweet, in all caps. This was not the only tweet by the executive on the subject, he shared multiple articles that support the notion of ‘opening up’ the economy again.

“I love you Elon but go to sleep for a while,” writes a Musk follower. “The first time I don’t agree with my idol, ” writes yet another. Despite some dissenting voices, it is also noted that there are those who agree with the executive’s point of view.

Musk’s predictions regarding the evolution of the Covid -19 outbreak in the USA did not prove to be correct. A month ago, Musk had indicated that by the end of April, the number of new cases in the United States would be “close to zero”. Today, the United States has more than 20,000 new cases daily and more than one million are infected.


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