Emoji 13.1 introduces 217 new emojis coming in 2021

Many of these are just skin tone variations, but there are some entirely new emojis.

We have good news for the emoji enthusiasts among you all: 217 new emoji have made it to Emoji 13.1’s final list, which means you’ll soon have more emojis to send to your friends in text messages.

Many of these are just skin tone variations, but there are some entirely new emoji.

As a summary for those of you who haven’t been following the emoji saga lately, Emoji 13.1 was created as a provisional release due to the delay of Emoji 14.0, which was caused by the pandemic.

The last time we heard about Emoji 13.1 was a couple of days ago when Google’s versions of the emoji were shown.

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The next emojis

The final list of 217 emoji for Emoji 13.1 includes a face that lets out a sigh, a face hidden in the clouds, a dizzy face, a heart that recovers, a heart on fire, a man with a beard, and a woman with a beard.

There are also several different skin tones for the new couple’s emoji. You can see them all below.

Since Emoji 13.0 hasn’t even made it to many devices (Google and Samsung recently pushed theirs), it will be a while before 13.1 hits our phones and tablets. Expect it to arrive sometime in 2021.

Emojis for Apple and Google

Meet some of the new emoji coming to smartphones later this year Emojipedia has compiled some of the emoji designs for iOS and Android, and some additional details on the designs for Android specifically.

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Below you can see Apple’s take on some of the new emoji: a ninja, an all-genre sign, a coin (which has “The Crazy Ones” embossed across the top, a sneaky reference to the famous advertisements ” Think Different “from Apple), bubble tea, a dodo, and a piñata. There are also a pair of lungs, as well as an emoji that Unicode has called an “anatomical heart” to differentiate it from the traditional heart emoji.

Google, for its part, says it’s spent a lot of time on its animal emoji this year, according to reports from 9to5Google, there’s good news for anyone who’s a fan of Google’s now-classic turtle design from 2013. Google’s take on the humble Turtle has gone in a different direction in recent years, but now Emojipedia notes that it is returning to its roots along with the frog, the chick, and the pig face.

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Despite the cartoonish direction Google is taking for many of its animal emoji, the company says it is working with the Monterey Bay Aquarium and the Victoria Bug Zoo to give its animals a “more authentic look.” Finally, some of Google’s emoji are being redesigned to make them look better while using Android’s dark mode.

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