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Epic Games revives the Free Fortnite campaign with Samsung

The company took on Apple and the Battle Royale left the App Store

One of the most notorious scandals in the industry this year was the conflict between Epic Games and Apple, which began when the company responsible for Fortnite: Battle Royale decided to skip the App Store to offer game content. A fact that led to its departure from the platform and made it impossible for the title to stick on iPhone and iPad. After the confrontation reached its highest point at the public level with the Free Fortnite campaign, everything returned to the legal channel, but apparently Epic Games has not taken its finger off the line.

Through a post on his official Twitter account, industry personality Greg Miller shared photographs of the package he received from Epic Games and Samsung, which revives the Free Fortnite campaign that the company undertook to strongly criticize Apple and their policies. As seen in the images, the package is similar in style to Apple products and includes a jacket with the Fortnite flame logo in a multi-colored design, just like Apple’s apple for many years, and a Samsung Galxy. Tab 7.

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