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Even Cyberpunk 2077 code cards are a mess

A player discovered that the CD Projekt logo did not print and shows the broken image icon

Regardless of what happens with Cyberpunk 2077, its ill-fated launch will go down in history and could even become one of the benchmarks of what not to do with the development and debut of a game, and even less of a long-awaited one. As if what happened was not enough, new information points to a controversial detail found in the cards that offer the digital code of CD Projekt’s RPG.

In the midst of the controversy surrounding Cyberpunk 2077, a player came across a detail that, ironically, adequately expresses what the launch of the title has been, and that is, as shown on her Twitter account, a print run. of cards with the game download code for Xbox One has a printing error. Based on the evidence provided by Ruby Innes, the print does not show the CD Projekt or distributor logo in the designated space, and instead has the classic image misload icon printed on it.

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