Facebook is Launching a New Care Reaction Button

The goal is to allow users of the social network and messaging app to be able to express support more easily.

Facebook announced it will soon launch a new reaction for users of the social network to use in the comments and Messengers messaging app. This is the seventh reaction that, on Facebook, will be an emoji grabbing a heart and, on Messenger, a pulsating purple heart.

But what does this new reaction mean? “We are launching new reactions on Facebook and Messenger as a way to allow people to express their support with others in this unprecedented era. We hope that these reactions will offer people a  to show their support during this Covid -19 crisis, “said communications executive of Facebook, Alexandru Voica.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, news about the spread of the new coronavirus has been followed, with an excessive sharing of stories – of infected people and health professionals – that have aroused the compassion of internet users. With this reaction, Facebook hopes to offer a way for users to express that support.



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