Facebook wants to launch ‘gaming’ app to rival Twitch

You will be able to follow your favorite streamers as well as broadcast game sessions.

New York Times reported the news that Facebook will launch on Monday, the 20th, an app that will allow users of the social network to broadcast gaming sessions. The goal will be to create a platform capable of rivaling Twitch and YouTube.

In addition to allowing you to enter a stream, the app will also allow you to follow your favorite streamers and still play some small casual games. The information from the North American publication indicates that the app will initially be entitled to an Android version, followed by the iOS version as soon as Apple approves it.

For some time now, technological giants have been interested in entering the world of video game streaming. In addition to Amazon’s purchase of Twitch, Google also sought to ‘capitalize’ with the launch of YouTube Gaming, but in this case, the dedicated app was abandoned in 2019.

We have to wait to see what Facebook plans for this new app.


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