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Fan manages to play Among Us from a Nintendo Wii

The popular multiplayer recently arrived on Nintendo Switch

A few days ago, Among Us made its premiere on Nintendo Switch. It is a port that has been well received, but there are fans who would like to play it on other Nintendo consoles, such as the Wii. This is why they went to work to make this happen.

On the Among Us subreddit, a user known as BurritoSOFTWARE shared a video in which he presumes that he is playing the InnerSloth game from a Nintendo Wii. In fact, it shows that he uses the Wiimote as a cursor to control his character.

But how did he achieve this? In the comments BurritoSOFTWARE mentioned that his Wii and his PC are connected via ethernet adapters. He then used a couple of programs to broadcast the Among Us signal running on his PC. This means that the game does not run natively on the Wii (that is, it is not a port).

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As you can see in the video here, the solution to play Among Us from Nintendo on a Wii is not practical at all. Streaming hangs up and looks bad, which can be tricky when playing a game with friends or strangers. That said, it is still interesting to see the 2020 sensation being played on a WiiMote.

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