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Fans are concerned about a change that could be on the way to Fortnite

New information in the Battle Royale archives is dividing PC and console gamers

Thanks to an attractive and accessible proposal of the Battle Royale genre, Epic Games managed to make Fortnite one of the most popular games of recent times. The title is continually improved with the passing of the seasons, but some features have also been implemented that have not been completely liked by the fans. Well, there is a change that seems to be on the way and that would divide the opinion of users.

It is common for shooting games on consoles to implement an aiming aid system, which automatically improves control of the direction in which players’ shots go, since aiming on consoles is usually a bit more complicated on consoles, those who support this feature argue.

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However, there are other users, mainly those who play on PC, who indicate that this way of helping when aiming gives an advantage to the players who use it, so many consider it to be unfair and should be eliminated or at least nerfed.

This debate would not be relevant if this feature were implemented in a single player game, after all it would depend on the user’s preference and would only affect him. But what happens here is that Fortnite is multiplayer and in competitive games there can be both PC and console players, which means an uneven game environment.

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