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Fate / Grand Order announces an app to interact with the characters

A wave of new announcements is accompanying the celebration of the fifth anniversary of the Fate / Grand Order smartphone game. One of them was a surprise shown at the end of a live broadcast held in commemoration of the aforementioned celebration, and it was an application of Fate / Grand Order.

But don’t jump to crazy conclusions, this is not a sequel or a new game, but rather a complementary experience aimed at the established players of the franchise. At the moment known only with the hashtag #FGOW, the video shows a first-person view of the heroine Mash Kyrielight wearing a variety of outfits. While the app is aimed at iOS and Android devices, it looks more like the Fate / Grand Order VR experiences based on the PlayStation VR device.

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The video describes the following narration: “ This place is where the past and the future overlap: A Singularity. So, too, does the joy, sadness, love, and anguish accumulated in your journey so far. Tonight, the other side of time will be illuminated by the light of the moon. What was lost becomes something that has not yet been lost. And those who are beyond us shine again with splendor. Such is the reward for a night in the Chaldea of ​​Days Gone. ”

The video ends with Mash saying, ” Senpai, it seems there are still some secrets here .” While not yet confirmed, the references and images appear to describe “Lost Room,” a ghost story about a secret room located at the Chaldea Security Organization’s base of operations. When midnight rolls around, the room supposedly becomes a space where visitors can see things they have lost or will soon lose, or find visions and people from the past or future.

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The app will be released “soon” and may have a limited release, with an initial download limit of just 550,000. Below is the special video posted in celebration of the franchise’s fifth anniversary.


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