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Fate / kaleid liner Prisma Illya reveals fabulous illustrations for her movie’s Blu-ray / DVD

On the official site for the multimedia franchise of Fate / kaleid liner Prisma Illya Details of the Blu-ray / DVD version of the feature revealed Fate / kaleid liner Prisma Illya: Licht – Namae no Nai Shoujo (Fate / kaleid liner Prisma Illya – Licht Nameless Girl), which will be put on sale in Japan on March 30, 2022. On this date, its premiere on distribution platforms would also be expected, if there is a corresponding agreement.

The press release included the cover art for this Blu-ray / DVD version, which will be priced at 16,280 yen (about 144 US dollars) and that includes an acrylic stand and a wallpaper in size B2 (first picture) in the limited edition, as well as the CD with the soundtrack, a special brochure with production material, a video with an event held on August 29, 2021 and promotional materials. The statement also revealed some benefit illustrations by some physical distributors in Japan.

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