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FC Barcelona confirm entry into League of Legends esports

Spanish football giants Barcelona have confirmed that they will join League of Legends’ Superliga in 2022 after purchasing the spot of S2V Esports. They will be joined by another new team for the league, one owned by popular streamer Ibai Llanos and Barcelona defender Gerard Piqué.

Barcelona will become the latest football club to venture onto Summoner’s Rift. Their acquisition of a spot in Spain’s LVP Superliga was initially reported by 2Playbook on October 27, and confirmed by Barcelona themselves on November 10.

According to 2Playbook’s report, Barcelona’s acquisition of the spot held by S2V Esports beat rival bids from fellow La Liga side Sevilla FC, and esports org Case eSports.

The news follows reports that a joint venture headed by streamer Ibai Llanos and Barcelona center-back Gerard Piqué have signed a team to field in Superliga in 2022, after purchasing the slot held by Astralis SB.

Ibai and Gerard Pique announcing their Superliga team

Barcelona’s potential move into the Superliga follows that of the team owned by Ibai Llanos and Gerard Piqué

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Barcelona enters esports

The move is one of Barcelona’s biggest move in the esports industry to date. They opted to compete in KONAMI’s eFootball.Pro league instead of FIFA-based eLaLiga Santander and have also fielded talent in Hearthstone and Rocket League, seeing mixed success.

Barcelona players playing esports
FC Barcelona

Barcelona has previously fielded teams in Rocket League and Heartstone

However, their venture into League of Legends marks a major step for the Spanish club. While they have previously reached an agreement with Tencent to explore League of Legends options in China, 2Playbook’s report states that the deal is “yet to be activated” due to the financial situation at Barcelona.

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While there is no official word on players or staff for the team, 2Playbook report that Barcelona have already signed a coach to lead the team. Prominent rumor account LEC Wooloo has also reported three rumored players for Barcelona:

  • Top laner Jakub ‘Dreedy’ Viceník (currently with UCAM Esports Club)
  • Jungler Dimitar ‘Lebron’ Kostadinov (currently with Cream Real Betis)
  • Mid laner Mikhail ‘twohoyrz’ Petkov (currently with SK Gaming Prime)

Barcelona to take on Piqué

All of this will make for a fascinating season of Superliga, especially considering some of the new Barcelona team’s competition.

Gerard Pique playing for Barcelona
Wikimedia Commons User Oemar

Gerard Piqué has made 372 appearances for Barcelona, as well as over 100 for Spain

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Also joining Superliga in 2022 is an as-yet-unnamed team owned by streamer Ibai Llanos and Barcelona player Gerard Piqué. The duo bought the Superliga slot occupied by Astralis SB on September 2. This will put Barcelona in direct competition with Piqué, who has played for the Blaugrana since 2008.

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