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Fire Causes Damage To French Gothic Cathedral

What Happened?

A year after the Notre Dame church in Paris was partially shattered by the flames, a fire, which may have been intentional, caused significant damage to the 16th-century Gothic cathedral in Nantes.

The Cause Of The Incident

An investigation into “arson” has been launched, as “three different fire points have been observed,” Nantes prosecutor Pierre Sennès told AFP.

“There is still a lot of research to be done before drawing any kind of conclusion,” he said.

In the center of this city, “passers-by who saw flames behind the rose window” alerted, according to firefighters, rekindling painful memories of the Notre Dame de Paris fire on April 15, 2019.

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Thick black smoke was escaping from the huge facade of the Cathedral of Saint Peter and Saint Paul rising above downtown Nantes, according to images captured by AFPTV.

The firefighters then discovered “a violent fire in the organ behind the rose window and the action was concentrated in this focus,” said the departmental director of firefighters, General Laurent Ferlay.

The lifeguards also “carried out surveys of the building and took care of the protection of the works of art, in connection with the cathedral authorities,” he added.

Thanks to a hundred firefighters, the fire was controlled fairly quickly.

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