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Former director of Resident Evil , does not rule out directing a final game

The developer indicated under what conditions he would fully dedicate himself to a final title in his career.

Among the creatives who helped shape Resident Evil 4 , one of the most remembered installments in the franchise, is Shinji Mikami , who served as writer and director on the project. This developer continued in the video game industry and in recent years founded the Tango Gameworks studio with the idea of ​​continuing to produce games while helping to forge the next generations of developers without being so involved in the projects. However, the creative does not rule out the possibility of directing a final game.
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Although Tango Gameworks is already working on their new project, GhostWire: Tokyo , you should know that Shinji Mikami is no longer so involved in this project, but instead left the game in charge of director Kenji Kimura and Ikumi Nakamura, who left the project after announcing his departure from the studio last year .

Despite this, Mikami will not take Nakamura’s place, but will leave the project in the hands of director Kimura and stated that he will only go to the development of the game to “solve problems as long as there are problems to solve”.
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