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Former G2 support Mikyx teamless for 2022 season despite buyout being lowered

G2 benched support Mihael ‘Mikyx’ Mehle is without a team for the 2022 Spring Split despite his contract buyout being substantially lowered.  

Following G2’s disappointing 2021 season, CEO Carlos ‘Ocelote’ Rodriguez announced it was time to rebuild the roster in hopes of being the kings of Europe once again.

Part of that plan didn’t include support player Mikyx, who had spent three years with the organization and won multiple titles for them.

According to esports journalist Pablo ‘Bloop’ Suárez, his contact buyout was set at 1.500.000€ (around $1.7 million) and was lowered throughout the offseason. But the star was unable to find a team for 2022.

Mikyx teamless for LEC Spring 2022

On his Twitter, Mikyx revealed that he will not be competing in the upcoming spring as he did not find a team. The Slovenian support added that he plans to stream “more often.”

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After an unsuccessful year, G2 decided to part ways with three of their starting players, leaving Mikyx searching for a new home.

His contract buyout was set at an astronomically high price, but according to Ocelote, it had been lowered to 250.000€ (around $282k) by the end of the offseason.

In typical G2 fashion, Mikyx sarcastically replied to the founder’s tweet saying “Wow, thanks bro!”

Despite his buyout dropping, the support was unable to find another team that was willing to meet this valuation and add him to their roster.

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Mikyx’s thee-year tenure with G2 was highlighted by four LEC titles, an MSI Championship, and a Worlds Final appearance. For now, Mikyx will stream and keep his eyes peeled for any opportunities that may come his way to compete in the 2022 Summer Split.

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