‘Fortnite’ has arrived (finally) on the Android Store

The online game was released on the Google operating system in August 2018.

In August 2018 Epic Games released ‘ Fortnite ‘ for Android devices and it was not listed on Google’s online store in order to avoid the required 30% revenue fee. Now, the producer of the online game seems to have given in and announced that they will launch Fortnite ‘ on the Play Store.

“After 18 months of operating ‘ Fortnite ‘ on Android outside the Play Store, we realized: Google makes downloadable software outside the Play Store disadvantageous,” notes Epic Games. The company points to “repetitive and scary security pop-ups”, indicating that we are tired of dealing with these issues.

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“We hope that Google will be able to review its policies in the near future so that all developers are free to reach and interact with their customers via Android and the Play Store for open services, including payment services that can compete fairly,” said In the statement shared by TechRadar.

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