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Fortnite: say goodbye 2020 with striking Battle Royale gesture

The emote will be available for a limited time only

Recent leaks ensure that Epic Games is preparing a surprise event to celebrate the New Year in Fortnite. Although the company has not confirmed the information, it is a fact that it will launch special content to say goodbye to the year 2020.

Through the game’s social networks, Epic Games revealed one of the first content related to the end of the year parties. If you plan to spend the last hours of 2020 in the Battle Royale, you will be happy to know that there will be cosmetic items to celebrate.

Fortnite will have a gesture to receive 2021

The first special object for New Years celebrations is a peculiar gesture called Out with the Old or Out with the Old. As its name implies, it is an ideal emote to say goodbye to 2020 and receive 2021.

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The animation of the gesture is simple, but it is quite striking to celebrate with the entire Battle Royale community. A balloon in the shape of 2020 is shown that deflates, later the character that uses it will create another balloon, but in the shape of 2021 that will burst and generate sparkles.

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