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Fortnite: you can win a PlayStation 5 in this Battle Royale tournament

The Generations Cup will start this week for PS4 and PS5 users

f you think you are good at Fortnite and you have not been able to get a next generation console, you should know that Epic Games will give you one if it shows your skills in the Battle Royale. This morning the Generations Cup was announced, which will have a PlayStation 5 as a grand prize .

The company invited all players to participate and do their best to win, as it will only give away one PlayStation 5 for each region of the tournament. If you are interested in being part of the competition, take into account that it will start this week for PS4 and PS5 users.


Epic Games partnered with PlayStation to bring the Generations Cup to life. Some lucky PlayStation 4 players will finally have the chance to jump into the next generation. While several current PlayStation 5 owners will be able to take home another console.

The Generations Cup will begin next Friday, December 18. As we mentioned, the competition will only be available to players from the PlayStation ecosystem. In addition to the console, it will be possible to win the Indigo Kuno Outfit and Indigo Kama Retro Backpack.

In the tournament they will only be played in solo games. To enter the tournament it is necessary to have 2-step verification activated and have an account with level 30. 

If you plan to participate, we recommend that you first carefully read the official tournament regulations . There you will know everything related to the point system of the games and the prizes.

“The Generations Cup is a solo tournament exclusively for PlayStation 4 or PlayStation 5 players. We encourage players of all skill levels to participate in the tournament,” Epic Games wrote.

Fortnite is available for PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, Xbox One, PC, and mobile. 

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