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Four Animation Studios Announce Projects to Train Industry Workers

The Japanese government’s Agency for Cultural Affairs announced that four animation studios will participate in the initiative “Animation Talent Training Study and Research Project 2020”. IMAGICA, Usagi.Ou, Orange and Tsumugi Akita Anime Lab studios will produce a seven to ten minute animation project. The projects will aim to raise the skill level of existing animators and educate applicants.

This project was announced since July 15. IMAGICA’s project is titled “Kochira Nishi-Tokyo-shi Deliver Keisatsu / Deliver Police”, with Takashi Sano (Tower of God) as the director. The project is aimed at both key animators and in-between animators.

Usagi.Ou’s project is titled “Hachimitsu Suicide Machine2, with Yuuji Umoto (Ganbare! Lulu Lolo – Tiny Twin Bears, Kaiju Step Wandabada) as the director. This is aimed at entertainers.

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Orange’s project is titled “Want to Go Home! Semete Chikyuu no Juuryokuka de ”, with Akihiko Orikasa (Ghost in the Shell Arise) as the director. The project is aimed at directors, screenwriters, stage artists, CG animators and modelers.

Finally, Tsumugi Akita Anime Lab’s project is titled “Ryuugeki no Kyoukotsu”, with Tsukada Sakura (Monogatari Series) as the director. The project is aimed at animation directors, key animators, in-between retouchers, and colorists.

The initiative is separate from the “Young Animator Training Project”, which aims to train young animators in the industry. The agency started this project since 2010 under the name “Anime Mirai”, with the aim of training young animators. This initiative has seen the birth of franchises like Little Witch Academia, Death Bulliards (which later inspired Death Parade) and Ongaku Shoujo.

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