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France Will Distribute 40 Million Masks For Free

What Happened?

France will distribute 40 million masks for free to the 7 million poorest French people, Health Minister Olivier Véran said on Wednesday.

What Did The French Government Announce?

“France will not abandon people who cannot buy masks,” Véran said two days after the use of face masks was made mandatory in all closed public places, under penalty of a 135-euro ($ 155) fine.

“We signed a contract with the emails that promised to send the free masks in a few days,” said Véran.

What Will The Aid Consist Of?

The 7 million French people will receive washable cloth masks, which they can use 30 times, by mail.

Furthermore, social security will 100% reimburse surgical masks for 2 million vulnerable French people, the French minister said.

France, where covid-19 has already killed more than 30,000 people, fears a second wave of coronavirus.

As of Tuesday there were more than 200 active covid outbreaks across the country.


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