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Free game: you can get free Torchlight II for PC

You will have 24 hours to get the action RPG and dungeon exploration

The Epic Games Store Christmas and New Year’s gift drive is nearing completion, but there are still a few gifts to collect. There is good news for users of the store and fans of dungeon crawlers, because today they can get a free game of the genre.

This is Torchlight II, a sequel that improves and takes all the elements of the original delivery to a new level. We recommend that you take advantage of the promotion as soon as possible, as the Runic Games game will only be available for a limited time.

Torchlight II is now available for free on the Epic Games store

Torchlight II is an action RPG where you will have to enter dangerous dungeons and destroy hordes of deadly creatures. The game will take you to Vilderan, a world where you can start your adventure with any of the 4 classes of characters available.

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The game can be enjoyed alone, but it also has a multiplayer mode so you can play it with your friends. In addition to its main campaign, Torchlight II has a lot of replayability, especially for its Plus mode, which will offer a greater challenge to more experienced players.

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