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Free game: get Solitairica, a card game with RPG elements

The new gift from the Epic Games Store is now available

The gift that the store prepared for today is not very different, because it is also another indie. This time players can get a free copy of Solitairica for PC. In case you don’t know, it’s a game by Righteous Hammer Games that originally debuted in 2016.

What is Solitairica?

As its name implies, Solitairica takes up the key concepts of one of the most popular card games in history: Solitaire. However, it puts an interesting twist on it by adding RPG elements and a progression system that will remind you of roguelike.

The game will put you in the middle of a battle against Stuck’s armies. Your mission will be to protect the land of Myrriod from the cruel plans of the emperor. You will face different types of enemies in turn-based combat, where your power, skills and defense will depend on your cards.

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Solitairica promises different games each time, as the enemies are generated procedurally. As you imagine, on your way you will find different types of cards that will give you more powerful abilities to fulfill your mission.

If you want to get a free copy of Solitairica, just visit this link to go to its page in the Epic Games Store. Once there you have to add it to your account to download it whenever you want.

Like past giveaways from the store, you’ll only have 24 hours to get the Righteous Hammer Games game at no cost. .

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