WhatsApp: What does the frozen face emoji mean?

The WhatsApp frozen face emoji was added in 2018, here we tell you its meaning so you know when to use it.

Currently, it is very common to replace words or phrases with an emoji that expresses exactly what is meant. WhatsApp has made its catalog of emojis available to everyone, which makes its real meaning clear, be it happiness, sadness, sleep, anger, disappointment, among others, but there are some more whose interpretation is subject to different cultural contexts. depending on the environment of the person using them. This time the frozen face emoji stands out.

Many users use this emoji by giving it different meanings, but here we explain its true meaning so that you know when to apply it on future occasions.

This emoticon is an ice blue face with clenched teeth, usually depicted with icicles clinging to its cheeks or jaw, as if frozen from extreme cold. It can also mean hostility (slang, cold). Apple’s design shows the same expression as Grimacing Face. Cold Face was approved as part of Unicode 11.0 in 2018 under the name “Freezing Face” and was added to Emoji 11.0 in 2018.

The user could use this emoji when you are very cold, you can’t take it anymore and you are saying that you are going to freeze to death. He shows the icy smile. The totally blue face with a cold and tormented facial expression. It could well mean that you need a cup of tea or coffee or even a hot bath.

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