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G2 Carlos gives update on Rekkles situation as LEC free agency looms

G2 owner and CEO Carlos ‘ocelote’ Rodríguez has revealed that the organization is petitioning with Riot to change rules regarding player transfers in order to loan out AD carry Martin ‘Rekkles’ Larsson. 

With free agency fast approaching, G2 Esports are yet to find a new home for AD carry and LEC legend Rekkles.

G2 CEO Rodríguez has revealed that the org are now looking for Riot to make a rule change to allow G2 to loan Rekkles out.

LoL star Rekkles poses in G2 jersey
Riot Games

Rekkles is no longer wanted by G2, but the org has struggled to find a buyer for the star AD carry

G2 look to loan out Rekkles

The G2 Rekkles experiment is over after just one year.

After the org failed to qualify for Worlds 2021, many theorized that Rekkles, who joined the team in the 2020 offseason, would be finding a new home for 2022.

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These theories gained traction after G2 benched Rekkles, along with a number of other starters, on October 11. Further rumors also linked G2 with the acquisition of AD carry Victor ‘Flakked’ Lirola from MAD Lions Madrid, adding additional fuel to the notion they were moving on from Rekkles.

As offseason rumors swirled, many LEC and LCS organizations appeared to lock down their AD carry for 2022, but Rekkles has not been credibly linked with a move.

On November 12, Rodríguez tweeted that G2 was applying for a rule change that would allow teams to loan out players, something currently prohibited by Riot.

The G2 founder recently revealed that Rekkles’ buyout price was 1.5 million euros, so a “double-reduced price” would put Rekkles’ loan cost at 375,000 euros.

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Riot’s rules about players transfers are a hot topic in the League of Legends community at the moment. G2 and Cloud9 were accused of collusion after it was revealed Cloud9’s buyout of mid laner Luka ‘Perkz’ Perković included a clause that prevented Perkz from joining Fnatic for three years.

G2’s request would benefit them as it would allow them to move a player that appears surplus to requirement. However, it would also allow for the more flexible movement of players across the rest of the League of Legends pro scene.

Riot has yet to respond to G2’s request and if it is unsuccessful, it is unclear what will happen to Rekkles as the org continues to make it clear they no longer want him.

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