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Genshin Impact receives its new map and 2 powerful characters

The Prince of Limestone and the Dragon event is now available

Genshin Impact will close the year with lots of new content for players. The 1.2 update of the game is now available on all platforms, so it is time to explore and have adventures in Dragonspine or Dragonwing, the new map of the game.

On the other hand, a new domain was added, as well as 2 additional characters: Albedo, the Prince of Limestone Rock, as well as Ganyu, the Watcher of the Full Moon. As if that were not enough, the Prince of Limestone and the Dragon event has already started and arrived with many rewards for players.

Genshin Impact received Dragonspine, its new map

To start with, players will receive 300 Protogems for maintenance and update services to the servers. They will also be given another 300 Protogems for some bugs that caused problems in the past.

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As for what’s new in patch 1.2, the new Dragonspine zone will be added, which includes missions, gameplay elements and more challenges. Players may suffer the consequences of the extreme cold of the map, so they must find sources of heat to avoid losing life.

The new Cold Eternal Tree system has also been added, which will give rewards by offering Scarlet Agates that can be found throughout Dragonspine. Rewards such as Intertwined Fates, Gliders, Mora, experience, blueprints, and more will be received.

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