Get the 117 new emojis before anyone else

We already know the new emojis that will be available with the release of the new mobile operating systems.

Emojis are present in all the chat rooms you have in your mobile apps. They are the resource par excellence to send an expression to the recipients of how you feel or what a message has caused you through a response. Luckily, the ingenuity of the users makes it possible for the list to continue growing every year and this year we will have 117 new emojis. What happens is that these will arrive with the release of the latest operating systems, although today we tell you that there is a possibility to use the new emojis before anyone else.

Android beta unlocks new emojis

We have been waiting months for the latest Google movements with the arrival of Android 11. The new operating system has functions that are still unknown to users, something that further fuels the desire to have it in your hands as long as your smartphone is compatible. But these get bigger when you know that you can already try the new emojis this year with it.

A few days ago we told you what was the list of those who will arrive this year and as always we find the most diverse. 117 are many, and you can find everything from ninjas, smiling faces with tears, hugs, and parents giving the bottle to their children and all of them are available in the latest version of Android.

nuevos emojis

But beware, we do not mean that it will arrive in Android 11, which will do so when it is stable back in the fall. What we mean is that, as you can read in the headline, you can have these emojis before anyone else if you have version 3 of the Android 11 beta. So you can read it on 9to5Google, where they say that this is possible.

How to get access to the Android 11 beta

It’s been a month since the arrival of the second Android downloadable beta. However, there is always a catch, and they are the terminals compatible with this new software. And is that the only devices compatible with this are the Google Pixel from version 2 onwards. So all users with a Mountain View phone have early access to this year’s emojis.

Yes, is it worth it? The truth is that they are still updates that sooner or later will reach all users and if you meet the above requirements it may not compensate you to risk the integrity of the terminal for it. And it is that it is a test version, which implies that you will not have all the new functions but some may not work.


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