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Giant Hornets: British Farmers Show How They Prepare To Avoid An Invasion

What Happened

In the month of May the alarms went off in spaces dedicated to agriculture, due to the appearance in Washington of the well-known “murderous hornets” was known, affecting mainly the fields dedicated to food production.

That is why farmers in the Channel Islands, a territory of the United Kingdom, develop a “trap” that seeks to effectively eliminate the dangerous flying insect.

Meat, shrimp and beer are some of the elements used. This is explained by Bien Hogge, who leads the experiments in these areas.

“What I am doing now is looking to the future. The government has been providing us with baits to attract hornets, but given the crisis and budget cuts, this will probably not continue forever,” he said.

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“I am testing foods and things found in houses. I hope that by the end of the summer I have a good idea of ​​which one works best,” he told the Jersey Evening Post.

Farmers’ Terror

This year the arrival of this dangerous insect was recorded in areas of the United States and some parts of Europe, causing the death of native bees and wasps that are necessary for the honey industry and for pollination.

American scientists began an investigation where they seek to capture a specimen alive for study and to put a tracker that takes them to more places where these hornets are found.

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Furthermore, bee keepers are modifying the security of their workspaces to prevent hornets from entering, but helping their bees to get out, according to a report by The Guardian.

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