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God of War creator wants a Twisted Metal: Black sequel

David Jaffe said he was ready in case he found someone interested in the project and had the approval of PlayStation

Every PlayStation fan remembers the Twisted Metal games, as their proposal for unbridled action, vehicle combat and themes that flirted with gloom from a Western perspective, became one of the favorite experiences in the era of PlayStation and PlayStation 2. It was precisely on the second Sony console where David Jaffe lived his best moment, first as the creator and director of this franchise and later doing the same with God of War. Years have passed, Twisted Metal fans are still there and Jaffe himself revealed that he would like a new IP game.

Through a publication on his official Twitter account, David Jaffe, creator of God of War, revealed that he would like to make a new Twisted Metal game, specifically a sequel to Twisted Metal Black, a game that debuted in 2001 for PS2 and It was developed by Incognito Entertainment, the Santa Monica Studio team, under the direction of Jaffe. According to the creative, his motivation to announce something like this came after seeing the designs of the artist Mike Franchina, which reminded him of the Twisted Metal style and what could be done in a new installment.

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In that regard, Jaffe’s post states the following: “Oh, living in a world where PlayStation would let me raise $ 5 or 10 million dollars to make a Twisted Metal Black sequel After seeing the work of Mike Franchina and his designs, I’m inspired to come back one day. I’ll find a co-publisher with that money, but Sony has to say yes. “

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