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God of War: Fallen God, new comic already has a release date

The publication will be a prequel to the most recent game on PlayStation 4

God of War fans are excited, as Santa Monica is already working on a new installment of the franchise for PlayStation 5. The game is scheduled to debut this year, but has no release date yet.

Everything indicates that it will be a great year for fans of the adventures of Kratos, because in 2021 they will also be able to enjoy a new comic in the saga. We refer to God of War: Fallen God, a Dark Horse Comic publication that was announced in March 2020.

The comic was due to debut on June 24, but was ultimately delayed due to the pandemic. Now, the company updated the release date of the post and it is confirmed to be coming soon.

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God of War: Fallen God debut date confirmed

In case you don’t remember, God of War: Fallen God will be a prequel to the most recent game on PlayStation 4. So it will also allow fans to know everything that happened after God of War III.

The story of the publication is in charge of Chris Roberson, who has participated in other comics in the franchise. On the other hand, the art of the comic is in the hands of Tony Parker and Dave Rapoza. The first issue of this series will have 32 pages where we will see a Kratos who tries to flee from his past.

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If you are interested in God of War: Fallen God, take into account that it will now be available on March 10. It will be offered at a price of $3.99 USD in both physical and digital formats. The comic will take us right after Kratos fights Zeus and Athena, so the warrior will now start a battle against himself and everything he has done.

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